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Reveler is currently looking for high energy, entrepreneurial individuals obsessed with Craft Beverages looking to work in an engaging environment with others that share their passion.  

Current available positions include:

Reveler Beverage Company, an independent family run start-up business, strives to be Greater Boston’s retail destination for Craft Beverages. Providing a cohesive selection of Craft Beer, Craft Spirits, artisanal wine, and locally sourced non-alcoholic beverages, Reveler offers a product focus not currently captured by other retailers.  Reveler’s emphasis on hospitality and excellent customer service elevates the consumer’s shopping experience beyond the ordinary package store.  Individuals fascinated with the Craft Industry, made up of independent producers pushing the boundaries of traditional expectations, can now find the hub for Craft products and education they crave. Our employees must share that passion and fascination.


To be considered for a career at Reveler, please send cover letter, resume, and most recent compensation information to TheReveler@RevelerBeverage.com